avisoIt is important to recall all athletes to the following:

The organization will NOT provide a tent for the athletes to rest or stay overnight. There will be a free campsite area where every athlete / team can install his own tent;

Any amendments to entries already made (exchange of athletes, shifts, teams, etc. ) should be communicated via until 13th September at 10:00 pm.

Given the proximity of small rivulet, it is recommended to use mosquito repellent lotion or bracelet;

Here are the menus planned for the Feed Station (free to all athletes in all running events) and for the Restaurant (free to all athletes participating in 24 hours run – solitaire or integrated in a team). All products listed on the Restaurant’s menu can be bought either by athletes of the 3 hours runs or by the public.

Feed Station: banana, orange , watermelon, tomatoes, water, isotonic drink, cola, guarana, French fries, marmalade, cookies, cupcake/cake, sweet noodles;

Restaurant: water, beer, juice, vegetable soup, “stone” soup, pasta Bolognese, pork and egg sandwiches, tuna pasta sandwiches, coffee and tea .