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From Chaves arrives Pheidippides

João Oliveira

The Portuguese athlete that in 2013 , following in the footsteps of Pheidippides , won the mythical Spartathlon (a 246 km ultramarathon from Athens to Sparta ), confirms its presence in 24 h Portugal, where he will be present with very ambitious goals.

João Oliveira is not just any athlete; in his victory in Spartathlon he relegated to second place Florian Reus – the German athlete who was last weekend crowned the 24-hour world champion.

From the vast and impressive cv of this amateur athlete, always built without official support or sponsors, we can still highlight the stunning victory in 2014 TransOmania run, a 300km ultramarathon held in Oman’s desert.

The Americans keep coming to 24h Portugal

SentinellaTerry Sentinella started his running career at 15, running with his father in Valdez, Alaska where he grew up. Like many great long runners we know, it didn’t last long.

When he re-started running, at the age of 35, his goal was to be able to run the 2.5 mile loop around a local park. Now he’s running 135 mile races in some of the most extreme places on earth and, in his own words, loving every minute of it.

He ran 26 races with 100 miles or more, including 2 participations in Badwater Ultra marathon in Death Valley where he placed 10th and 13th.

As unbelievable as it may seem, even though Terry ran 215 Marathons and Ultra Marathons, he never participated in a 24 hours run.

We’re very proud and pleased to announce his coming.

Analice at 24 h Portugal

analiceThe dean of Portuguese ultra-runners, who at age of 70 participated in the Marathon Des Sables, and who in last year ran 17 marathons and ultramarathons (4 of them of 100k or more), give us the honour of participating in the 24h Portugal run.

We hope to live up to receive this lady we all get used to admire and respect, and example of great resilience, courage and sacrifice.

Medical staff led by Maria João Sá

maria_joao_saAt the top of our priorities is the safety and physical integrity of the athletes.

Following the steps of 24 h Portugal’s first edition, we will have a have a doctor, a nurse, several firemen and all the conditions for everyone to run safely and with the confidence that, in the event of an injury, we will have everything set to help you.

Doctor Maria João Sá adds her sports medicine speciality, to a successful career as an orienteering athlete, where she has accumulated dozens of trophies, of which we can highlight several national and Iberian championships, in various distances.

Aparthotel Oporto

patrocinador_aparthotelportWandering around Oporto on the way to Vale de Cambra

We just signed a partnership with the Aparthotel Oporto Company, which will make a 10% discount to all athletes and family who wish to spend one or more nights in the city of Oporto, in apartments located in the heart of town, in historic buildings reclassified and equipped with every comfort needed.

Soon we’ll announce similar partnerships with hotels located in Vale de Cambra.

Boat ride


It is our duty, and we do it with pleasure, to announce that the vacancies for the sail boat ride, offered to the first 10 athletes to formalize their registration within 24 h Portugal, are fully met.

Here is the list of the first 10 brave:

Alice Lopes – Andrés Vazquez – Arsénio Fernandes – Carla André – Fernando Leite – Filipa Ferro – Luis Pinho – Maria Moreira – Paulo Gomes – Rui Pinto

If any of these 10 athletes give up the sail boat ride, his trip will be assigned to the 11th , and so on.

Our partner:

2015 registration


The first registration period for 24 h Portugal will start next Friday (16th January) at 9pm. The first 10 athletes to fully complete the registration process in the 24 h individual run will be awarded with the offer of a sailboat ride on the Douro River, courtesy of one of our sponsors.

That tour will take place the day before the race (Friday at 4pm or 6pm).

Note: upon registration shall write on the observations that are interested in this trip.

 Detailed information about the sailing trip may be consulted in the sailboat company’s official web site:

Armando Teixeira – Ambassador 24 h Portugal 2015

armando teixeiraWe feel deeply honoured to present the ultra-marathoner Armando Teixeira as ambassador of the 2nd edition of the event 24 h Portugal – 24 hours run, scheduled for weekend of 19 and 20 September 2015.

 From Armando’s vast curriculum we can highlight the double victory in the Madeira International Ultra Trail (105km), victory in the 101 Pilgrims (101km – Spain), victory in the Ultra Trail Aldeias de Xisto (75km), victory in the Gerês Trail Adventure (105km), victory in the Azores Trail Run (48km), along with more than two dozen of victories in other trails runs and constant presence on the podium of all main trail adventures in Portugal.