Press Conference


24 h Portugal will be presented to the public and media next Wednesday, 7th September at 11:30 a.m.

The event will take place at the same location of the run, in the urban park of Vale de Camba, inside the cafeteria.

The session is open to the entire population and obviously it would be a pleasure to have the presence of athletes.

A Port will be served.

24 h Portugal 2016 – food supplies

Common supplies for 3h run and 24h run athletes on track:

Banana, orange, watermelon, tomato, water, isotonic drink, cola, potato chips, marmalade, honey, cookies, sweet pasta.

Restaurant – exclusive for 24h run athletes (open from 3:00pm Saturday to 1:00pm Sunday)

Free access: vegetable soup, water, tea, coffee.

Conditional access :(3 meals for each athlete running any of the 24h run): main course + drink + dessert.

Main course options: Bolognese, breaded sandwich, tuna paste sandwich, strong Portuguese soup (we ensure that at least 2 of these 4 options are always available at any time);

Drink options: water, beer, wine or juice/cola;

Dessert options: sweet pasta, fruit or gelatine.

Note: as the meals control will be done through the bib, the athlete must have it on to acess the restaurant.


Photos of the 2nd edition of the 24h Portugal

Click here to view the photos.

Priority to safety


Despite the festive atmosphere in the photo, we take security issues very seriously.

Health and Safety Plan preparatory meeting, with the presence of leaders of the medical team and the security forces, under the coordination of the organizers of the run and with close supervision of the town council technicians.

Planning is detailed but the goal is simple: to ensure that everything will be fine, even if something goes wrong.