24 h Portugal 2016 – food supplies

Common supplies for 3h run and 24h run athletes on track:

Banana, orange, watermelon, tomato, water, isotonic drink, cola, potato chips, marmalade, honey, cookies, sweet pasta.

Restaurant – exclusive for 24h run athletes (open from 3:00pm Saturday to 1:00pm Sunday)

Free access: vegetable soup, water, tea, coffee.

Conditional access :(3 meals for each athlete running any of the 24h run): main course + drink + dessert.

Main course options: Bolognese, breaded sandwich, tuna paste sandwich, strong Portuguese soup (we ensure that at least 2 of these 4 options are always available at any time);

Drink options: water, beer, wine or juice/cola;

Dessert options: sweet pasta, fruit or gelatine.

Note: as the meals control will be done through the bib, the athlete must have it on to acess the restaurant.